Presenting for VERY VERY Busy People

High-impact, modular presentation skills coaching

This is the UK’s first high-impact and modular presentation skills coaching programme, developed specifically for senior leaders.

Comprising six, 90-minute, one-to-one coaching sessions, this programme recognises the demands placed on today’s senior executives and acknowledges that executives at this level are already seasoned and experienced presenters. It is designed for those leaders who want to perfect their presentation skills and refine their ability to inspire critical audiences, influence key stakeholders and deliver better results for themselves and their business.

At secondnature, we’re focused on helping executives achieve their optimum performance for the business. To accommodate senior executives’ very busy calendars, we are more than happy to conduct training outside of normal office hours for their convenience.

Key components

Six high-impact modules:

  1. Four secrets to structuring a compelling presentation, no matter how technical/detailed the content
  2. Proven techniques for bringing the message to life
  3. Maximising personal impact part I
  4. Maximising personal impact part II
  5. The art of audience engagement
  6. Harnessing our personality – becoming a powerful and authentic presenter

Key results

  • Transformed ability to develop and deliver impactful, persuasive presentations which will influence and inspire audiences
  • Capacity to make data and technical information captivating
  • Ability to use story-telling techniques to add interest and credibility
  • Skills for engaging and building rapport, even with cynical/sceptical audiences
  • Improved leadership presence, confidence and authority
  • An enhanced presentation style which will leave a positive and lasting impression
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