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A fantastic experience to change the way you present. (Nov 2016)


A fantastic programme that is practical, relevant and personalised for individual needs.

AMP Capital
AMP Capital

Highly relevant and effective course. One of the best courses I have done!


Developed for managers of all levels who need to present regularly. Whether to customers, prospective clients, to boards or leadership teams or to internal/external stakeholders. This intensely practical programme gives people a powerful planning tool for presentations and proven skills to transform the way they deliver a memorable message and create a positive impression.

Participants learn techniques to help them become a confident, persuasive and inspiring presenter so that they can engage even the most cynical audiences and better influence and motivate others. secondnature’s combination of extensive practice, very detailed feedback and individualised coaching delivers outstanding improvements in performance, even for experienced presenters.

Key components

  • 2-day programme for up to 5 participants (limited to provide maximum practice time)
  • How to use secondnature’s Presentation Mapper™ – four steps which guarantee compelling presentations every time
  • Secrets to making a positive first impression in less than 90 seconds
  • Techniques for maintaining audience engagement and thinking on one’s feet
  • Harnessing voice, pausing, body language, eye contact, gestures and movement
  • Embracing one’s personality to power one’s impact and ability to influence others
  • Seven best-practice principles to ensure effective PowerPoint®/Keynote® slides
  • Proven strategies for conquering nerves,before and during a presentation
  • How to close a presentation effectively to achieve the outcomes wanted/needed

Key results

  • Compelling, inspiring presentations which sell the presenter as well as their message
  • Transformed ability to influence others and sell ideas and recommendations;increasing sales and contribution to business success
  • A range of techniques to involve and maintain the attention of listeners
  • Engaging presentations delivered with absolute confidence and credibility
  • A presenting style that reflects people’s natural personalities and which will enhance their personal brand
  • Engaging, memorable presentations designed to deliver tangible business results


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