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Who it helps

Middle/Junior/Line Management/Operational level, or Subject Matter Experts. Specifically in new roles/newly formed teams/teams on a transformation journey.

Where it helps

DISC® is a simple, but very powerful, tool for helping in the development of high-performing individuals by maximising their communication effectiveness, improving conflict resolution, driving sales results and in any other situation in which creating effective business relationships is important.

How it helps

Of the Fortune 500 companies, 75% use the DISC® Personal Profiling System®. It is employed in a wider variety of situations than any other tool of its type and is ideal for individuals who want a highly practical and intuitive tool to help enhance their business performance and relationships. Unlike personality tools, DISC® illuminates behavioural style and examines how people behave, communicate and interact.

2 x 2hr online 1-to-1 video coaching sessions.

Key components

  • Understanding the DISC® language of behaviour and how to incorporate this into your role to enhance business relationships and performance.
  • Knowing your own behavioural drivers, value to the organisation, ideal working environment, communication style (strengths and blind spots), motivations and preferred management approach.
  • Understanding the behavioural, working and communication style preferences of those you work with.
  • Everyday techniques to adapt your language, written communication, listening skills, decision-making, personal presence, body language and many other behaviours to help you relate better with others.

Your results

  • 24 page DISC® self-profiling report.
  • A deep appreciation of how and why people behave, work and communicate differently.
  • Dramatically increased ability to relate to and build trust & rapport with others, so improving team work and harmony.
  • How to get your message across to people with different styles and so avoid misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Ability to flex your behaviour and communication style to build effective relationships with people with different DISC® profiles - up, down & across the organisation - and so increase personal performance.
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