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Our company group courses provide powerful, practical and effective business presentation training. Whatever your industry, the knowledge and experience we provide will improve your people’s ability to persuade, influence, inspire and communicate with impact.

Our in-house company group programmes are highly practical, giving every participant multiple opportunities to prepare and deliver live business presentations. Participants will learn proven techniques to structure, develop and deliver powerful, and professional business presentations that engage, persuade and motivate any audience.

We only offer in-house, private client programmes so that we can:

  • Tailor them to your organisation
  • Maintain the highest quality standards
  • Ensure total client commercial confidentiality
  • Provide the maximum amount of real practise time for each and every individual

The practical delivery components are accompanied by in-depth, personalised feedback and guidance from highly knowledgeable, senior and commercially experienced coaches.

secondnature offer the most practical, business-relevant group workshops available today. We believe that business people’s ability to present well is key to both improved organisational success and their own career success, and that to become an impactful business presenter they don’t have to change their personality. With our training, coaching and guidance they can be the presenter they want to be.

Some key facts about our company group programmes include:

  • Choice of six different programme formats for groups/teams of 3 – 50 business people
  • Tailored to meet your organisation’s specific requirements (at no extra cost)
  • Personalised to meet your people’s individual needs
  • More video-recorded practise than other providers we know
  • More expert individualised feedback, advice, guidance, and mentoring
  • Innovative and revolutionary Presentation Mapper™ for compelling presentations every time
  • Confidence-boosting learning environment to help propel individual results
  • 90 days’ post-programme coaching support to embed learning outcomes
  • Skills refresher email bulletins to reinforce workplace skills application
  • On-line Performance Support Centre to drive lifelong learning

The Programmes

Present Inspire!

An advanced workshop for more experienced presenters who frequently give presentations that need to inspire, stimulate and motivate audiences.

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Present to Persuade and Influence

The most comprehensive, advanced course for middle-to-senior management who need to deliver compelling, persuasive presentations to demanding internal and external business audiences.

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Presenting Skills Masterclass

A high-octane short skills clinic for larger groups. Often held as part of a conference, this hands-on, highly practical workshop delivers results in a less formal, team-based atmosphere.

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Present with Confidence

Intermediate level 1 and 2-day workshops for business people who are beginning to present more frequently in their role and need to improve their presenting confidence and impact.

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Presenting Essentials

Introductory course for graduates and those starting their careers who need the skills to communicate effectively in meetings and to prepare clear professional presentations.

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Presentation Writing Essentials

How to write and design clear, logical and compelling business presentations using our powerful, practical and flexible presentation mapping tool.

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What Our Clients Say

Take this course. No matter what stage you are at in
The course was one of the best I have ever been on....
Actionable, insightful & enjoyable session which I feel I can really use on a day to day basis...
Excellent programme. Empowered the participants to present with confidence...
A must! Working to your individual strengths and weaknesses, rather than a prescription makes it incredibly relevant. One of the best courses I have attended
Exhilarating and liberating; A presentation journey - you will be much better by the end; Loved it. Best training I've done
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