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Who it helps

Spokespersons, management and subject matter experts from small start-ups to large established organisations. Anyone who is uneasy about the prospect of talking to a journalist or who avoids the opportunities media interviews can offer.

Where it helps

All meetings, conversations and interviews with journalists. Skills for virtual/online, and face-to-face, occasions. Covering multi-media formats.

How it helps

The media interview is rapidly changing. Journalists no longer need cameras to gather news clips. They can simply broadcast video direct from our webcams. That might seem more convenient for us, but dealing with the media is still fraught with risks. Knowing how to manage media interviews, and how to turn them into opportunities is extremely valuable. Delivered by an industry professional with over 30 years’ experience, this programme coaches people in a range of interview techniques; how to prepare for every question, and how to get our message across. Receive live ‘down-the-line’ style video interview practise and learn how to appear confident and relaxed on camera online (and face-to-face).

3 x 1hr live video training for groups, or teams, of up to 6 people.

Three fast-track modules

What to know before you agree to an interview, how to prepare and deliver key messages clearly and with confidence.

How to think on our feet, handle tricky questions and avoid common journalistic traps. Plus how to master the Bridging Technique.

How to deal with nerves and vocal fillers, and ensure our style & personality come across. Plus, why we should always be W.I.S.E.


  • Learn techniques to communicate more effectively in any type of media environment, delivering a strong interview with memorable soundbites.
  • Enhance our professional reputation and that of our organisation by securing good publicity.
  • Help tell our story, sell a product or service, promote an idea or trend and, if necessary, fend off industry critics.
  • Develop our own style in front of a camera so we can be a 'go to' spokesperson for any media encounter.
  • Ensure we are never caught out by any journalist.
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