Presenting for Applause

High-intensity coaching for keynote speakers

One of your people has just finished making a high-stakes presentation at a special company event or speaking at a key industry conference. With a sigh they say to themselves, ‘thank goodness that’s over’; or ‘it was ok...I did as well as I could’. In today’s competitive business environment however, ‘well enough’ probably won’t win plaudits, establish a reputation or win over an audience. So, when the next time comes for your people to make a big impact and deliver a resounding performance, talk to us.

From planning the content, to practising the delivery, to rehearsing for the final performance, our event performance consulting prepares individuals and teams for the big events – so they can make speeches that build reputations, and deliver presentations that will inspire their audience.

Key components

  • Understanding the audience and their critical persuasion/motivation triggers
  • Using secondnature’s revolutionary Presentation Mapper™ to develop a highly compelling argument or inspiring story
  • Conquering nerves and techniques for appearing confident, in control and owning ‘the stage’
  • How to engage and involve the audience, build genuine rapport, and answer questions with confidence
  • Using stories, metaphors, case studies and examples to bring the message to life
  • Creating visual aids that add clarity and impact to the message
  • How to close a speech or presentation to get the reaction or result desired

Key results

  • Persuasive presentations that put the presenter and the business in the spotlight
  • Seamless team presentations that are both professional and fun
  • Memorable speeches that ignite and inspire listeners
  • Impactful presentations that build relationships and influence audiences
  • Dramatically increased presentation confidence, credibility and authority
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