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Excellent session for anyone presenting, writing any level of presentation.

Can I tell you too I love the skills you taught us – I know I refer to the process quite a lot now, not just for presentations but making sure that the documents I am writing are also to the point and enable that little head nod of agreement.


Ideal for anyone responsible for writing presentations or proposals.

This programme is designed to put an end to ‘death by PowerPoint®’, to tortuous data dumps, to slides crammed with content, to confusing logic and presentations without apparent purpose. Our Presentation Writing Essentials programme will provide you with an immediately practical and highly flexible framework to develop all future business presentations. Powerful presentations that are clear, compelling and engaging, and that increase the confidence and success of the presenter.

Key components

  • 1-Day programme for 3 – 16 participants.
  • Understanding different audience expectations and how to tailor content to suit their needs
  • How to use secondnature’s presentation mapper™ to prepare logical, well-structured, easy to follow presentations
  • 7 essentials for effective and engaging PowerPoint® slides + designing effective graphs, tables and images
  • How to incorporate different mediums inc. handouts, flipcharts and whiteboards to add interest and clarity
  • Knowing when to use examples, case studies and analogies to amplify the message
  • Using creativity to make the presentation memorable

Key results

  • Clear, logical and compelling presentations
  • Communications that get the message across and persuade & convince listeners
  • Visual aids that support and engage, not distract or bore the audience
  • Significantly reduced preparation time
  • Presentations, proposals and speeches that add to the confidence and credibility of the presenter
  • Increase the contribution of the presentation writer to the success of the presenter and the business


Presentation Writing Essentials

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