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Private Presentation Skills Coaching

Presenting for many people is career critical. And for most organisations it’s business critical.

With secondnature’s personality-aware expert coaching we help individuals to embrace their own personality when presenting.

Our personalised coaching helps business professionals develop their own presentation style. This gives them authenticity and natural authority when presenting and also enhances their personal brand, which can contribute greatly to their professional success and the business they represent.

Successful businesses need confident, capable, compelling presenters. Few of us have ever had any training at all for this business skill that so many of us need to use on a weekly basis. So it’s not surprising that a lot of middle-to-senior management want to, or are asked to, improve their skills.

We work across all industries with senior professionals – managers, leaders and executives – from seasoned board-level presenters to senior technical experts and nervous presenters taking a step up to a leadership position (and, occasionally, less senior businesspeople who are highly regarded by their business). We can help any executive dramatically shift their presenting skills because we believe that people don’t have to change who they are to be the presenter they want to be.

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Individual Coaching

A 1-to-1 coaching version of our training programmes that is fully personalised and tailored to help anyone in business, from confident senior executives to nervous new presenters


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What Our Clients Say

Feedback hot off the press from recent workshops…

Absolutely amazing!! This exceeded all my expectations. I feel more confident and empowered than ever.
SecondNature is head and shoulders above any other external programme my company has used. I would highly recommend the session for anybody who has seen their online presenting increase in 2020!
Absolutely fantastic. I feel a lot more confident presenting and got SO much out of the two days. THANK YOU!
Fantastic. You’d never think presentation training would be A) so fun and B) so anxiety-free. Absolutely Loved it.
If you want to see your performance grow from Z to A in 2 days, and see the kind of presenter you can be, this is the thing!
What a great, insightful two days.
Great course, very enjoyable, got a lot from it.
Transformed how I present in a way I’ve been trying to learn for years.
I haven’t ever had such a personal learning experience in this type of training course and I really feel like I have been transformed with so many practical points to take away and use every day in my role.
This course challenged me on how I’ve been presenting for years, and I feel way more confident in my ability.
Zero to hero presenting.
Absolutely amazing! It helps you to improve not only professionally but also improves your personal characteristics that will make you distinguish yourself from the rest!
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