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Who it helps

Previous participants of either our 1-day Present with Confidence, or our Presenting Skills Masterclass, workshops.

Where it helps

Client presentations, team or supplier briefings, status meetings and updates. Skills for face-to-face & virtual/online meetings and video-conferencing.

How it helps

Extensively practical supplementary training to embed & extend recently developed skills for face-to-face or online presentations. Incorporates multiple practise/rehearsal sessions on participants’ own presentations (videoed). With personalised coaching, advice and guidance to help individuals fully establish their own presenting style.

1.5hr online 1-to-1 video coaching session.

Key components

  • Recap of our revolutionary Presentation Mapper methodology to map out a focussed & compelling narrative that brings the story to life.
  • Practise emphasis techniques to land key messages and make them memorable.
  • Learn how to create a positive first impression, convey authority and build listener rapport.
  • Develop ‘stage craft’ skills to own the room and hold the attention of an audience.
  • Advanced techniques for harnessing eye connection, voice modulation, movement and personal presence to ensure the presenter’s personality shines through.
  • How to effectively involve an audience and answer questions, even when we don’t know the answer.
  • Additional ways to control nerves no matter what the situation or who is in the audience.

Key results

  • Deliver more compelling presentations which sell your message and you as the presenter.
  • A transformed ability to take listeners on a journey and to persuade and influence them of your ideas and recommendations.
  • Finesse a presenting style that is a natural fit with your personality and enhances your own ‘personal brand’.
  • Become a presenter with increased inner confidence and outer credibility & authenticity.
  • Know how to manage questions and tricky questioners.
  • Speak, talk and present with more conviction and authority so that you own the room.
  • Gain the skills to design & deliver presentations that will elevate your professional reputation and that of your business.
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