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The Skills To Pitch And Win New Business

Even the best-selling products of our time don’t sell themselves! There is always marketing and a business pitch involved somewhere. Whether it be to the end client/customer, investors, partners, shareholders, stakeholders or suppliers.

If it’s a face-to-face pitch your passion, commitment, knowledge, experience and service must be able to win over your audience. And getting this pitch combination right and your team to gel and present together, seamlessly, can be the difference between winning and losing. Your product or service may really be better than the competition’s but if you haven’t convinced your audience of that, it’s quite simple, you lose. And in pitching, there is very often no second chance!

Win more new business

How we help you to win more new business through our pitch programme:

  • Individuals to full pitch/tender/bid teams of 10+ people
  • Tailored to your organisation’s specific culture/operations (at no extra cost)
  • Personalised for your people, as they are all individuals
  • More video-recorded practice than other providers we know
  • More expert individualised feedback, advice, guidance, and mentoring
  • Revolutionary Presentation Mapper™ structuring tool to create compelling presentations
  • Rehearse for reality (because you won’t get a second chance at winning)

Our training is truly world-class, producing amazing results – for businesses and people. A paradigm shift and a breakthrough for many – even those who are seasoned presenters!

With a proven track record across almost all industry sectors including construction, pharmaceutical, FMCG, IT and resources, we deliver our transformative pitch-winning new business training UK-wide.

The Breakthrough Difference

Our pitch presentation consulting can provide the breakthrough difference in your company’s new business results. Working on your actual pitch, bid or tender presentation, or on your company’s generic new business introduction presentation we will stress-test your proposition from an objective viewpoint and work with you to clearly articulate your point of difference and get your message(s) right. We’ll then coach your team so their delivery is passionate, credible, strong, authoritative and impactful, so you’ll have the very best chance of success.

The Programme

Pitch to Win

A highly-focused workshop designed to help you win more pitches, tenders or contracts using proven techniques to differentiate your offering from your competitors’. Structure the most compelling pitch presentation possible and transform your team’s authority and credibility.

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What Our Clients Say xxl

BECK Interiors
Engaging coach and great system.
If there is one course you need to enhance your presentation skills this is it!
I have been presenting for many years, but still learnt a lot from this course.
Belinda is amazing. Her energy & ability to transform our presentation ability in 2 days is amazing.
Cushman & Wakefield
I just wanted to thankyou again for the proably the best course I have ever done. Pitch 2 Win totally changed the way I approached public speaking.
Fantastic programme, tailored to group + individual needs.
Nikko AM
Great program, interactive sessions helped put learning into context.
Tobii Pro
Pitch2Win taught me a straight forward framework to help structure and target my presentations that will change how I plan future talks.
A fresh take on presenting.
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