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Who it helps

From C-suite to technical specialists to operations. Anyone who needs to present online in virtual meetings, video conferences or webinars.

Where it helps

Client presentations, internal/external stakeholder briefings, board or team meetings, roundtable discussions, workshops and training.

How it helps

In a virtual environment, fully engaging an audience and landing a message requires new skills whilst also adapting techniques used face-to-face. This super-accelerated live video training programme helps people who rapidly need to get up to speed and develop more professional online meeting and presenting skills. Highly practical inc. personalised feedback.

2hr online group video coaching session for 1 to 10 people.

Key components

1. Tech-etiquette: Essential tips so you get the tech set up right (lighting, backdrop, camera and audio) plus how to adapt your voice, body language, eye-connection and gestures when presenting online.

2. Maximising online delivery impact: Harness powerful delivery techniques inc. siren words, intonation, attention grabs and pauses to maintain listener focus & land key messages.

3. The art of audience engagement (the 5M rule): How to build rapport and effectively involve an audience during a video call (no matter the numbers) to keep them tuned in. Plus how to employ your ‘listening face’, manage questions and deal with the unexpected.

4. Writing and working with slides: Crucial Do’s & Don’ts for designing and delivering slides for online meetings and presentations.

Key Results

  • How to fully engage with and maintain the attention of an online audience.
  • Learn the protocols of when to speak and when to keep quiet.
  • Become a skilled online presenter with inner confidence and outer credibility.
  • Speak, talk and present online with more personal impact, conviction, authenticity and authority.
  • Gain the skills to design & deliver online presentations that will elevate your professional reputation and that of your business.
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