Why secondnature

10 Reasons To Choose secondnature

We believe the standards, quality, value and return-on investment we offer clients are unmatched, with our coaching being a world-class, best-of-breed benchmark. We partner with some of the UK’s biggest, blue-chip brands and businesses whose client sponsors and participants tell us that our programmes have genuinely transformed their presenting capability - more confidence and credibility, more compelling and powerful, clearer and more impactful.

Here’s 10 reasons why we achieve these unique and unbeatable results:

1. 15 years’ specialist expertise

100% business presentation skills training focus. Unlike other providers we are not a training ‘warehouse’. We don’t offer sales, media, negotiation, leadership, IT or project management skills delivered by ‘gun-for-hire’ trainers. We are, exclusively, expert business presentation skills consultants.

2. Small group hands-on workshops.

Our programmes are boardroom workshops, highly interactive and immersive. We refer to those we train and coach as ‘participants’, not ‘delegates’ or ‘attendees’ because they actively participate, rather than passively attend. Our coaching isn’t a ‘lounge and listen’ session with the limelight on a ‘motivational speaker’; we are experienced business professionals sharing practical knowledge and your boardroom, up close and personal, with your people. We have skin in the game.

3. Tailored for business, personalised for people.

Every solution we offer is tailored for your business and personalised for each individual participant, at no extra cost. So your training programme is virtually a bespoke solution that’s absolutely fit for your purpose.

4. We embrace individual differences.

Every person is unique. Our non-prescriptive approach encourages people to embrace their natural communication style and personality to develop a powerful, confident and effective presenting style which expresses their authenticity and enhances their ‘personal brand’, ensuring they feel comfortable and confident transferring their newly acquired skills to the ‘real world’.

5. More role-specific practise time.

Using extensive videoed-practise (which first identifies baseline capabilities and then records skills transformations), and our highly detailed 60+ point feedback framework, we provide everyone with more individual practical sessions and focused coaching (even in group workshops). This pinpoints, and maximises outcomes on, each individual’s personal development areas.

6. The Presentation Mapper™.

Our revolutionary and unique presentation planning and preparation mapper™ is, as far as we know, the world’s only all-in-one presentation tool. It makes creating engaging, impactful and compelling presentations quick and second nature.

7. Only in-house, private-client programmes.

We don’t run public group workshops open for individuals to attend. They tend towards being generic and ‘lightweight’, offering limited practice time, no commercial confidentiality, minimal personal attention and zero tailoring - ultimately this means inadequate skills development. We believe business professionals deserve, and should demand, more.

8. No actors or career trainers.

We’ve all been senior executives in business. We understand real world challenges and are intimately familiar with almost every situation business people encounter, because we’ve been there too. This adds a real world dimension, and value, that actors or career trainers just can’t.

9. Not just a ‘one-man band’.

We’re a thriving international business into our second decade, with two global hubs, long-term blue-chip clients, vast cross-sector credentials, enviable testimonials, proven IP, a suite of a dozen programmes, and absolutely unparalleled customer service - all to give you the best you can get.

10. Comprehensive, complimentary post-workshop support.

Including free follow-up remote coaching, a suite of skills extension ‘Remind-Refresh-Reinforce’ email bulletins and lifetime access to our online Performance Support Centre.

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