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One of the few professional development courses that makes such an impact; extremely useful and practical.

Reserve Bank of Australia
Reserve Bank of Australia

This practical, hands-on programme helps people relatively new to the corporate world understand how to prepare professional and effective presentations and how to present clearly, concisely, confidently and with purpose.

Relevant for both informal sit-down meetings as well as more formal stand-up presentation situations it is designed specifically for those who present updates, reports, recommendations and ideas at internal or external meetings, briefings and presentations.

Key components

  • 2-day programme for 3–8 participants.
  • Understanding communication styles (using the DISC Personal Profiling System®) and how to adapt to suit the needs of different audiences
  • Getting focus and deciding the objective and outcomes required from the meeting or presentation
  • How to use secondnature’s Presentation Mapper™ – 4 steps that guarantee clear, concise, logical presentations every time
  • Seven secrets for delivery success – learn what every great presenter knows
  • Proven techniques for managing nerves and making a positive first impression, no matter who is in the audience
  • Building rapport and answering questions with confidence and credibility
  • Five golden dos and five red-hot do nots for writing effective PowerPoint® slides

Key results

  • Well structured meetings and presentations that are logical, concise and easy to follow
  • Flexible communication style tailored to suit different audiences’ needs and expectations
  • Presentations delivered with confidence, organisation and control
  • Transformed ability to effectively manage questions and questioners
  • Skills to write and deliver professional presentations which achieve positive results
  • Increased credibility as a presenter and therefore stronger internal and external business relationships


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