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HR, L&D and Senior Executive Feedback

To say that Belinda’s impact has had a transformative impact on our people’s confidence, professionalism, impact and persuasiveness would be an understatement. Her pragmatic and down-to-earth approach is very refreshing and I would not hesitate to recommend secondnature to anyone wishing to contract her professional services.

AMP Capital - Director, Global Marketing & Communication
AMP Capital - Director, Global Marketing & Communication

In all the years we have worked with secondnature I have not had one single review which wasn’t glowing praise! In fact the vast majority of the feedback comes back as a ten out of ten! This is extremely impressive! The difference in presenting capability for our employees is very noticeable both in terms of confidence and ability. I would strongly recommend Belinda and secondnature to anyone wanting to improve presentation skills.

MARS Inc. - Mars University Program Manager
MARS Inc. - Mars University Program Manager

If you are looking for skills development where your people leave saying ``that was fantastic and applicable immediately`` then I would recommend you bring secondnature into your business. The benefit I have seen is immediate with participants delivering more impactful and engaging presentations as soon as they have the chance get in front of their next audience.

Nufarm - Head of Commercial
Nufarm - Head of Commercial

I cannot recommend Belinda highly enough if you are going to do this sort of training/development. She is by far the best presentation skills provider out there.

Brookfield Multiplex - Talent Development Manager
Brookfield Multiplex - Talent Development Manager

We have benefited from Belinda’s skills in building presentation and impact with our staff at all levels over the last 3 years. Her skills in developing our senior managers through 1:1 coaching for Board presentation readiness has been highly successful. Many of our staff comment that it’s the best development work they have ever undertaken.

Brookfield - Head of Human Resources
Brookfield - Head of Human Resources


We’ve detailed below some especially useful information for Learning and Development, Organisational Development and Human Resources professionals to make it easier for you to evaluate what we offer – the most transformative business presentation skills training in the UK.

Some quick facts

  • Learning sustainability and return on investment commitment
  • Real-life business focus
  • In-house, private-client, maximum-transformation programmes
  • Programmes tailored to fit your business and personalised to fit your people
  • Complimentary pre and post-programme support
  • Training designed and delivered by executives for executives
  • Blue-chip client credentials

Some more detail

At secondnature, we’re acutely aware that whilst we coach and train participants, our clients are people like you – L&D, HR, OD, People and Culture, Talent, Training and Personnel professionals. We acknowledge that your choice of training or coaching partner impacts not just on the development of your people’s skills (and so their ability to contribute to your organisation’s success), but also on your own professional reputation. And we understand that there are dozens of providers of presentation skills training ‘out there’ that you can choose from. So what makes us different? So why should you choose secondnature?

Well, we would like to become your business partner. We don’t see our association with an organisation as a ‘one-off’ – we have worked with many clients for many years and strive to provide the best service today as we did on our first day. We believe working with us will make you relaxed, confident and delighted in your choice of training partner. We’ve listed seven key benefits below that may help you in your decision to choose us as your business training partner:


Our aim is a simple one: to maximise your training ROI by helping your people develop powerful business presentation skills that will make a sustained difference to their presenting impact, confidence and effectiveness. We do everything we can to ensure the skills we help people develop become ‘second nature’ – seamlessly transferred from the workshop to the workplace and continuously applied within people’s roles. We believe that by doing this our programmes have lasting value by making a long-term difference to an individual’s ability to help their organisation succeed.


Your people are committed professionals. So are we.Our training and coaching programmes are not about making people into speaker-circuit entertainers. They’re specifically designed to help business executives (from CEOs to graduates) communicate with power, authenticity and clarity so they can persuade, influence and inspire clients, prospects and colleagues. We don’t pad out our programmes with token exercises or fluffy games – our programmes are real-life business-focussed, high-intensity, hands-on and high-impact.


We do not run public or open programmes (see why here); all our courses and workshops are run for you in-house. They are exclusively for your people. We strictly limit the number of participants in each workshop so that every one of them receives the maximum amount of practice time and individualised coaching, even in our group workshops. More practice time, feedback, personalised guidance and advice (than any other provider we know) means more transformative results for your people and your organisation.


Every one of our programmes is specifically tailored to your business and personalised for your people. This guarantees that everything we cover during the programme will be absolutely relevant and be immediately applicable. We do all this at no extra cost because your business is very different from every other business; just as we’re very different from every other training consultancy.


Our end-to-end learning support plays a very significant role in embedding skills and helping to sustain participants’ performance improvements. It includes the following:

Before every workshop participants complete an online self-evaluation questionnaire. The results from these as well as from L&D/HR and line-manager briefings enable us to tailor and personalise each workshop to meet your specific needs.

After every workshop participants receive 30 days’ complimentary coaching support from their workshop facilitator. They also have lifetime access to our on-line Performance Support Centre. And they receive our suite of monthly Remind+Refresh+Reinforce skills extension bulletins for 3 months following the workshop; plus a final survey question 6 months later which follows up with them on their progress and longer-term impact of the training.

And, we provide comprehensive L&D/HR and line-manager debriefs so you can further support your people in their ongoing development. Quite simply, we aim to make learning make a difference. Just like you.


Complimentary program support


At secondnature, we are all senior business people with many, many years’ experience in the corporate sector (we’re not career trainers, we’re not actors). We know your people’s world. We have been there. Lived in it. Experienced what they have, and delivered the types of presentations they deliver. There is no substitute for our business experience.


It’s as a result of our unwavering commitment to presentation skills training and coaching programmes that make a powerful and sustainable difference that we partner with some of the biggest corporates in business to deliver exemplary training of a world-class standard. So, whether you’re a global or local corporate, a not-for-profit or start-up business, local or national government, your people are in exceptionally good company. A selection of our clients can be viewed here.

We would love to get to know you and your business and what, specifically, you need for your people. It would be a pleasure to speak with you and meet with you. Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask us any question you like – we’ll do our best to give you the very best answers.

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