Presenting for Applause

High-intensity coaching for keynote speakers



Who it helps

C-suite, Board and Director level executives. Professionals for whom inspirational presenting is an integral and important part of a strategic role.

Where it helps

Speaking at a company conference/roadshow. Presenting at an external conference/industry event. Delivering a keynote address. Talking on a panel.

How it helps

An exceptionally practical programme that transforms people’s big-occasion presenting. Speak and tell stories like a TED® talker. Incorporates multiple, videoed, individual practise/rehearsal sessions on people’s actual business presentations. Detailed 60 point presenter analysis & feedback. Personalised coaching to help individuals develop, or finesse, their own presenting style.

Advanced-level 2-day course for up to 5 people. Or 1-to-1 coaching.

Key components

  • Using our revolutionary Presentation MapperTM methodology to map out a focussed & compelling narrative that brings the story to life, no matter how complex or detailed the content.
  • How to create a positive first impression, convey authority and build listener rapport.
  • How to use ‘stage craft’ to own the room and hold the attention of an audience.
  • Harnessing eye contact, voice, body language & movement to let the presenter’s personality shine through.
  • Using emphasis techniques to land key messages: siren words, attention grabs, gestures, rhetoric devices like metaphors, and pausing.
  • Strategies for handling nerves before and during a ‘big’ presentation.
  • Best-practice for powerful PowerPoint® slides and other visual aids.

Key results

  • Learn a revolutionary framework for creating powerful and memorable presentations that will ignite & inspire an audience.
  • A transformed ability to tell a story that will influence and motivate listeners.
  • Present with innate confidence, credibility and authenticity.
  • Perfect a speaking/presenting style that is a natural fit with your personality, and enhances your own ‘personal brand’
  • Speak, talk and present with gravitas & authority to own the room, no matter how large the audience.
  • Presentations and speeches that will enhance the reputation of the speaker and the reputation of their organisation.
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