Pitch to Win

New business pitch presentation skills when you need to win

Passion, permission and power to win

To win business today, it’s no longer good enough to have the most innovative products, the best range of services or the most competitive deal. Your people must be able to pitch your business offer in a way that beats what the competition are offering.

We’ll work with you to crystalise and articulate what it is that differentiates your offering from your competitors, structure the most compelling pitch presentation possible, transform the delivery confidence and credibility of your pitch presenting team, and guide your 'rehearsals for reality'. Our single aim – to give your company the pitch presentation skills boost that will set them up for success and mean they pitch to win.

As well as our renowned Pitch to Win programme we also offer beginning-to-end 'pitch doctor' consulting and stage-specific coaching for individuals or teams.

Key components

  • Analysing the audience, its players and personalities, and its selection criteria
  • Differentiating your recommendation/solution vs your competition
  • Using our Pitch2Win Mapper™ to structure the most compelling pitch presentation possible
  • Defining the critical selling messages which you want the audience to remember
  • Seven principles for ensuring impactful PowerPoint slides
  • Building genuine rapport with the audience; techniques for ensuring buy-in; effectively managing questions
  • Videoed rehearsals and individual coaching, to transform presenting confidence, impact and authority

Key results

  • Proven approach for successfully distilling your offering into a clear, concise, compelling sales pitch
  • Significantly improved confidence in your ‘right to win’ – driving team morale and motivation
  • Visual aids which sell your message and your presenters (rather than swamping and sending the audience to sleep!)
  • Presenters who combine authority with approachability, presence with passion and conviction with authenticity
  • And – ultimately – more new business success
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