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The Best Presentation Skills Training For Your Company In Leeds

Leeds is on our doorstep! We are a proud North of England based business with world-leading capabilities and clients. secondnature run leading business presentation skills training right across the UK and around the world. But we’re based in the North of England. So if you’re looking for the best – world-leading – business presentation skills training or coaching for your people at your business based in Leeds, who better to trust than a local with an international pedigree?

Seeing thousands of business presentations a year, and delivering many more in our own commercial lives, means we really do know what makes a good presenter, and a good business presentation. We can help anybody in your company improve their confidence, credibility and impact. Check out some of our testimonials, and the feedback from clients in the North of England on the left of this page.

We hope you’ll agree they’re quite inspirational, but crucially we hope they also give you the peace of mind that we know our business, and can help your business in Leeds transform your people’s business presentations. Our experience is both broad and deep in a huge variety of industry sectors from IT, marketing and manufacturing, to finance, pharmaceutical and local government, and lots in between.

Presentation skills are really important to all industries, businesses, and individuals looking to reach their full potential and secondnature have the knowledge, experience, and proven techniques to optimise your team’s future presentation capabilities.

Presentation Skills Training in Leeds


Do You Think Your People Could Give Better Business Presentations?

To help you make that decision we find it helps to consider these simple questions:

  • Do your people sometimes suffer from presentation nerves or a lack of confidence?
  • Do they come across as unprepared?
  • Do they lack conviction in their argument/recommendation?
  • Do they bore, confuse or disconnect the audience (ramble, waffle, lose track)?
  • Do they have unclear, illogical, overly long, data-dump style presentations?
  • Do they not make enough impact when delivering high-stakes presentations or pitches?
  • Do they miss out on sales opportunities because of unconvincing presentations?
  • Do they lack presence, authority or the ability to command respect in front of people who matter?

You’ll be pleased to know that our business presentation skills courses address all these symptoms.

Our in-house, high-intensity, highly interactive ‘boardroom workshops’ are delivered at your offices anywhere across Leeds, Yorkshire or the North East, and they’re tailored to your business and personalised to your people (at no extra cost).


Do You Know The Type Of Business Presentation Skills Training You Want For Your Leeds Business?

Regardless of industry or company size, developing presentation skills in your people is easily one of the most leveraging investments you can make to achieve organisational improvement. Executive performance is frequently associated with the ability to confidently communicate and present to a wide range of audiences and stakeholders. Find out how we can help your people at all levels in your organisation motivate, engage and inspire your business audiences with our range of presentation skills training programmes for your Leeds business.

We offer in-house GroupNew BusinessConference Speaking and 1-to-1 courses. See below for more.

Group Presentation Skills Training

secondnature’s group presentation skills programmes are often transformational, and on quite a number of occasions we have been told they were ‘life-changing’. We offer a variety of programme formats and durations for differing experience levels, for groups of between 3-50 people. Our most popular, and signature, programmes are for small groups of up to 5 participants. Highly tailored to the requirements of your business, our group training teaches your people how to develop, structure, and deliver confident business presentations that engage your people’s professional audiences. Find out more below about which group presentation skills training programme would be perfect for your company’s needs, and then get in touch to find how we would tailor it for your Leeds based business and your people:

New Business Development And Pitch Presenting

Our bespoke pitch consulting workshop helps teams and individuals dramatically improve their win rate when pitching for new business. With an absolute focus on presenting in new business situations, our highly practical workshop, and consulting, will train your people to prepare and deliver logical, powerful and engaging pitch and new business credentials presentations that will help win over your prospects.

Find out more below:

Presenting For Conferences And Events

Do executives in your business present at events and conferences in and around Leeds, Yorkshire, or elsewhere nationally or internationally? If so, we can help them be more engaging and inspiring in front of a large audience, and give a presentation that will leave the audience delighted. What we do will strengthen their own, and your business’s reputation. Click to find out more:

1-to-1 Presentation Skills Coaching

It’s imperative in business that your senior leaders can fluently articulate your business’ strengths, mission, purpose and benefits. How they come across reflects how customers, prospects, and all stakeholders view your brand and associated products and services. Do it well and the boost to your reputation and business can be dramatic. At secondnature, we believe that individual coaching is very often a more appropriate solution for senior executives – our sessions are incredibly incisive, personal and rewarding. Let us help take your senior managers’ and executives’ business presentation skills to the next level with highly-focused, maximum impact 1-to-1 coaching. Click below to find out how we can help your senior people in private 1-to-1 coaching sessions at your offices in Leeds:

The Best Presentation Skills Training In Leeds


The Best Presentation Skills Training In Leeds

The world’s largest brands trust secondnature to ensure their people represent their business to the best of their ability with clear, confident and engaging presentation skills learned from our expert training programmes. Our personalised and dedicated in-house courses combine an extensive practical focus, an encouraging environment and individualised feedback and guidance to make secondnature the UK’s business presentation skills experts. Not to mention one of the world’s, with our work over the last decade in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India and China.

Get in touch today to discuss how secondnature can work with your business to deliver one of our exceptionally rated programmes for some of your people at your offices in Leeds.

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Who Our Clients Are

Here’s just a few, so you know you’re in good company!

This programme is a game-changer...

“This program is a game-changer, the best and most useful training I ever had, with lots of practical and very personalised tips. Belinda is wonderful, she fully adapts to the needs of the team..."

Present Online With Confidence

The course is very complete...

“The course is very complete and focuses a lot on practice through real examples. One of the best trainings we ever had in the company.“

Present Online With Confidence

Loved it!

“Loved it! Genuinely one of the most useful things I've done in years“

Presenting for Applause


“Fantastic. You’d never think presentation training would be A) so fun and B) so anxiety-free. Absolutely Loved it."

Present With Confidence

See your performance grow...

"If you want to see your performance grow from Z to A in 2 days, and see the kind of presenter you can be, this is the thing!"

Present to Persuade and Influence

By far the best...

"By far the best and most useful programme I have been a part of. Excellent stuff."

Presentation Skills Masterclass

Skills and confidence...

"I have done other presentation courses before, but this is the one that has finally given me the skills and confidence required to master delivering a top class presentation."

Presentation Skills Masterclass


"Transformed how I present in a way I’ve been trying to learn for years."

Pitch to Win

Personal learning experience...

"I haven’t ever had such a personal learning experience in this type of training course and I really feel like I have been transformed with so many practical points to take away and use every day in my role."

Pitch to Win

It’s a great course

"It’s a great course — everything in it that Belinda covered was relevant. Whether it's how to grab attention of your audience to ensuring we have a defined and valid roadmap to follow, highlighting the most pertinent points of persuasion and respective proof points."

Pitch to Win

Zero to hero...

"Zero to hero presenting."

Presentation Skills Masterclass

Impress your audience...

"If you want to stop stressing about delivering presentations, and you want to impress your audience with confidence, then go on this course!"

Present to Persuade and Influence


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