Our Team

Belinda Huckle
Founder and Managing Director | UK & International

Gavin Keeble
Founder and General Manager | UK & International

Nicky Curran
Senior Consultant | London

Cheryl Brown
Senior Consultant | Melbourne

Gareth Robinson
Senior Consultant | Sydney

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Gavin Keeble

Gavin is a founding partner of secondnature.

His earlier career in Advertising, Marketing and Design was the catalyst behind the development of the secondnature brand and it now also provides the experience to drive the company’s profile and momentum. With his background in communication Gavin understands the imperative for clarity in all forms of communication, and is passionate about the company’s reputation for customer service and quality.

His role in the business is a multi-disciplinary one, but the main channel for his creative energy is the creation of all secondnature’s participant learning materials designed to help people more efficiently plan, prepare and deliver impactful presentations.

Gavin also plays a central role in business administration, sales, supporting secondnature’s coaches, its clients and participants, and in building the credentials of secondnature as the premier provider of presentation skills training in the UK.

Gavin has an MA in Marketing from Kingston Business School in London, a Psychology & Computing Science degree (BSc Hons) from Manchester Metropolitan University, and the Diploma of the Market Research Society.

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